Brianna is one of Sam's stepsisters. She is the younger twin and the taller one. She and her biological older twin sister Gabriella almost never get along. She has a green car but almost always wears red/orange/pink. Brianna is sometimes seen wearing green. Her car was sold by Sam for college tuition money. Brianna was portrayed by Carlie Westerman as an 10-year-old and Madeline Zima as a 17-18-year old teenager.


Brianna is younger than Gabriella by a minute and 26 seconds but much taller. She and Gabriella wear matching outfits in different colors. Brianna is mostly seen wearing red, orange, or pink, but in some scenes is seen wearing green. She has dark brown hair.

Scenes Seen In GreenEdit

  • Brianna wore a green outfit at the pep rally when she mocked Sam by pretending to be Austin.
  • Brianna wore green during the scene where Sam confronted Fiona, Brianna herself, and Gabriella for her humilation and miserable life.
  • Brianna was seen wearing green when Sam told her stepfamily that she was selling their fancy cars for her college tuition money.

Scenes Seen in PinkEdit

Brianna wore red, orange, and/or pink for most of the movie. The last scene where she was wearing pink was at the football game where she and Gabriella cried when Austin and Sam kissed in the rain at the football game.


Like Gabriella, Brianna is very spoiled, selfish and mean, and is considered very clumsy and lazy. Also like her sister, Brianna has no respect for Sam, disobeying the Do Not Disturb sign on her door. Both Brianna and Gabriella are jealous of their stepsister because she's a straight-A student while they are barely passing. Although Brianna and Gabriella share the same characteristics, they almost never get along. Brianna has been shown to be more ignorant and naive than Gabriella, and mostly follows her lead throughout the film. Though ugly and awkward in appearance, she is truly ugly on the inside.