Carter Farrell is Sam Montgomery's best friend.

He is an aspiring actor, dressing up in different outfits in various parts of the film. He is very good-natured and cares very much about Sam He dislikes the way Fiona, Brianna and Gabriella treat Sam. He had a huge crush on Shelby Cummings, the most popular girl in school and the head cheerleader, but he never spoke to her. He goes to the Halloween dance as Zorro, where he defends Shelby and makes out with her, but leaves when he has to take Sam back to the diner before Fiona returns. When he tells Shelby who he was at the dance, she rejects him. When she, and Sam's stepsisters publicly humiliated Sam in front of the whole school during the pep rally, it makes him finally sees Shelby's true colors. He, along with Austin and the school staff, doesn't join in the mockery and helps a devestated Sam leave. At the homecoming game, Carter becomes proud of Sam for standing up to Fiona and to Austin, and they go to the game together. At the end of the film, he gets an acting role in a commercial and ends up dating the school's DJ, Astrid and rejecting Shelby in the process.

He is portrayed by Dan Byrd

Physical appearanceEdit

Carter has long brown hair. He wears black glasses. He dresses up in different costumes such as a hip hop artist and a cowboy. He dressed up as Zorro for the Halloween Homecoming Dance.


Carter is a very good-natured person and appears to be Sam's only friend at school. He is very caring and supportive of Sam and is the only person at her school who understands what Sam is going through.



  • Sam
  • Acting
  • His dad's car
  • Sam being safe


  • Sam being publicly humiliated
  • His father's Mercedes tarnished
  • Sam's stepfamily
  • Shelby Cummings




Quotes: Edit

"In case you didn't Sam, yellow means slow down, not speed up.

"I'm already going 38 in a 35 per hour zone.