Hal's Diner is the sports-themed diner that was once owned by Sam's father Hal himself when she was a child. But when Hal died in the Northridge Earthquake, the diner fell into Fiona's hands and it was restored to "Fiona's" as a 50s-themed diner. Eight years later, Sam was employed at the diner. Her uniform included blue jeans, a black T-shirt, a peach apron, and roller-skates. Towards the end of the movie, she found Hal's will and the diner fell into Sam's hands. The diner was restored to its former glory. Fiona, Brianna, and Gabriella had to work off all the money they stole from Sam at the diner.


  • Fiona may have closed the diner when all the employees quit along with Sam because of Fiona and the stepsisters' abuse towards her for almost a decade.
  • Sam's new work uniform is unknown because when Fiona and the stepsisters were working off the money they stole from her, she wasn't seen.