Rhonda is Sam's closest friend and co-worker. She is the Fairy Godmother character. Rhonda was first seen at Sam's eighth birthday party when she sweetly said "Make a wish, princess". Rhonda is very not afraid of Fiona. Rhonda says that the only reason she worked at the diner is because of Sam. She gave her a beautiful white dress to wear to the Halloween dance at school. Rhonda encourages Sam to go up to Austin Ames at the diner. After Sam was humiliated at school and given a fake letter from Fiona saying she was rejected from Princeton, Rhonda notices and gives Sam a pep talk. When Sam quit her job at the diner and moves out, Rhonda insists on letting Sam move in with her. She (Rhonda) literally scares Fiona out of her guts by tricking her into believing that she was going to slug her. When Sam found her father's will, Rhonda was with her to sell her stepfamily's cars for her college tuition money. It's unknown if Sam still lives with Rhonda now that Sam owns the house. Rhonda and Sam become the new co-owners of Hal's Diner. Rhonda's new work uniform was seen when the stepfamily worked off the money they stole from Sam.

She is portrayed by Regina King.